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"Absolutely fabulous! your babies are true ''works of art''!!!!!!" "Absolutely fabulous! your babies are true ''works of art''!!!!!!" 

"Hi, Kaya just arrived safe and sound.   She is just gorgeous.  I love her and the hair is to die for.  Love her coloring too and everyone at work thought she looked real.   Thanks again as I just want to hold her."

Dear Rosemarie, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!   I am soooo in love with Elizabeth Victoria and I am in awe of this silicone and your talent .............Thank you also for the extra outfit, and the chenille blanket, she is stunning beyond my wildest dreams and I cannot put her down!     You are the best and I know darn well I got an amazing deal on her!"

"I am loving my baby more and more every time I pick her up.  The mohair you used is beautiful and it really makes her look so real. I love her face and the soft cuddly body she has.  Thanks for creating such a cutie!!!!!"

"Rosemary...well I opened the box, and I don't know if this is possible, but she is 10 times more beautiful in person than those lovely pictures you took...she feels wonderful to hold and her outfits are adorable and her packing was superb...what can I did not disappoint...I fingered her hair and it fluffed right up...thanks so much for making my dream baby!!!!...I love her...Gabrielle is a big hit here in my office.....even guys are coming in to have a look-see."

"Meagan arrived today. She is even more beautiful than her pictures."

"I did get my boy doll today and I fell in love with him.  I am very pleased with the hard work you have done on him.  I am very happy to get him."

"Molly just arrived. I waited anxiously  all day for her and she is finally here and just so adorable. She really does look like she is going to breathe any minute. You did a great job on her and when I finally put her down I have an antique buggy to put her in........"

"She is exquisite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't stop holding her to email!!!!! You are truly an artist and the instant I opened the box, she became my favorite baby!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!"

"Hi Rosemary, just to let you know that Corey arrived safely today...she is gorgeous.  She reminds me of my baby grandson with her expression and little furrowed cute.  Many thanks once again."

"Ohhhh Rosemary, she is sooooooo gorgeous!  I had to stop playing with her to write you quickly.  I just love her.  I am going through all my clothes now that she is here to try things on and she sits perfectly in her pram.  She is fabulous!!!  I knew she would be.  I love her weight and that silky hair!!  Her outfit is stunning!!  I am playing with her in different ones but that will certainly be her holiday finery.  I have currently placed it on a hanger on the side of her pram.  I adore the pink dress too and her brush and comb and bottle.  I am going to try the pink dress on her next : )  Not sure what she will end up in for now LOL.  I will take pics"

"Rose is home and she is the most gorgeous girl doll I have!"

"Your babies are adorable.   I fall more and more in love with Melissa every day.  She is such an adorable, heart melting baby!"

Hi Rosemary...she has arrived and she is just fabulous!...even though you take really terrific pictures of your babies, somehow, someway, they wind up being even more spectacular in person...thanks so much.

"Oh Rosemary, she is gorgeous!!  MacKenzie's coloring is just beautiful.  You do such beautiful work.  She is wonderfully weighted and realistic to hold."

"I am so happy I have her, and so in love with her.   She is one of my most favorite, of either the small or newborn size babies that I have. Her face is just incredible!!!!!!!!   Thank you so much, for your talent, effort, and sharing it with me."


"My little Sweetie was waiting on the porch for me when I got home! She is so beautiful!  I just LOVE her! You did a great job with her, Rosemary."

Hi - my new baby arrived.  She is even more beautiful than her pictures, and reminds me so much of my grand-daughter, Allison.  Thanks!"

"He is such a beautiful boy! I try to reposition him every couple of days, because he is so real looking and very pose able."

"This doll is a beautiful creative work of love!"

"She looks and feels like a real baby sleeping peacefully!"

"This baby looks real. You are an excellent reborn artist. I love her."

"She is just beautiful. I think she just might be my favorite. You do such a beautiful job." 

"This baby looks just precious. I couldn't have found one that looked anymore adorable than this one."